Thin on the Ground

Land Resources: Now and for the Future






363 000 people were born

154 000 died

World population increased by 209 000

Annual world population increase:
2008 77 M, 2009 80 M, 2010 78 M, 2011 76 M


Land Resources:

Now and for the Future

Anthony Young, University of East Anglia


This book promotes awareness of the critical role of land resources in development, and the urgent need for improvements in policy and action on land management if these resources are to be conserved to meet the needs of the future. It shows how land resources interact with wider aspects of development, including food security, poverty, economics and population policy.


A. Young 1998. Land Resources: Now and for the Future. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, and New York, USA, 319 pp.

Hardback 1998 ISBN 0 521 59003 5

Paperback 2000 ISBN 0 521 785596


1 Concern for land
9 Monitoring change: land resource indicators
2 Land resource issues 10 Costing the earth: the economic value of land resources
3 Resource survey and land evaluation
11 Land management: caring for resources
4 Competition for land
12 Research and technology
5 Working with farmers
13 Land, food and people
6 Land use planning
14 Population, poverty and conflict
7 Land degradation
15 Awareness, attitudes and action
8 Global issues: climatic change and biodiversity


Reviews of Land Resources: Now and for the Future

"An important and authoritative study... entertainingly written and most carefully structured...Its message should be shouted from the rooftops." Tropical Agriculture Association Newsletter.

"Dr Young has distillled wisdom from a great deal of information ... His arguments are carefully weighed, cogent and lucid ... deserves to be widely read." European Journal of Soil Science.

"A quite remarkable book ... The writing style is exceptionally fluent ... deserves to reach a wide audience." Geography.

"Clear, exciting and thought-provoking...a major worldwide statement on the present and future management of land resources." Area.