Thin on the Ground

Land Resources: Now and for the Future






363 000 people were born

154 000 died

World population increased by 209 000

Annual world population increase:
2008 77 M, 2009 80 M, 2010 78 M, 2011 76 M


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vieComments, views and publications by Anthony Young

Land-resources.com was originally designed as an ongoing update of the book, Land Resources: Now and for the Future (1998). The passage of time has made this an impractical objective.

The site now covers recent publications by Anthony Young, together with comments and views on a variety of topics related to policy on land resources.

To comment or ask for further information, email anthony.young@land-resources.com

This site originated from the book by Anthony Young, Land Resources: Now and for the Future (Cambridge University Press). Further basic sources are the book, Thin on the Ground: Land Resource Survey in British Overseas Territories and the article, Poverty, hunger and population policy: linking Cairo with Johannesburg.

"The area still available for food production has been greatly overestimated, and most of the remaining land is already under necessary uses. There are currently 900 million undernourished people, with recurrent famines. To prevent this situation from deteriorating further will require a greatly increased commitment by governments. But unless accompanied by measures to reduce population growth, even such increased efforts may not be enough." Anthony Young